Warmahordes Map Campaign – Season 1 Geek Out Games

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Rules Document

Special Locations
Red Star – Weapon Testing Base. Unique Scenario. Worth 5 Victory Points at the end of season.
Blue Star – Central Train Hub. Grants a single Banner of the controlling player 1 additional movement when given a Move or Forced March order each round.
Green Star – Healer’s Circle. Magical energies grants army greater resilience. Controlling player gains +1 on all causality rolls.
Yellow Star – Smugglers Den. Controlling player gains +1 on all supply depot rolls.
Purple Star – Training Camp. Controlling player gains +1 to non-character unit FA.

Public Objectives (each public objective can be completely once per player)

  • I captured 3 territories this round. 1 Victory Point
  • I captured 1 territories from two different enemies this round. 1 Victory Point