My Overwatch Obsession

I’m giving seriously considerations to putting a Cracked Dice Overwatch team together for PC. A group to play competitive and practice two or three times a week. I don’t expect the team to be MLG level or play in any tournaments but an organized group that has fun and plays well as a team.

For those that haven’t heard; Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s newest game (and IP). A team based first person shooter in similar vein as Value’s Team Fortress 2. Overwatch is the new hotness with excellent game play, fast paced action, and addictive fun. Each character has unique play style and personality with both pros and cons. Each plays an important role as part of the team and being part of a team in the main focus of this game.

I’m really enjoying the game but my normal casual attitude to gaming is being overridden by my desire to wrangle the herd of cats that is the causal player base. I’m attributing this change in attitude to the game play being so teamwork orientated. I’ve watched and played with talented FPS players who have been stomped by average players who work really well together. That is a major strength of Overwatch; teamwork can count more than individual performance.

During the first few weeks of release, I joined a team participating in the GosuGamers weekly tournaments. We got totally stomped every time. We didn’t practice (or scrim) as a team. We rarely discussed our strategies or comps. It was a total mess. I’m not blameless. We failed as a team and I was part of the team. So I failed right along with everyone else.

After the disaster of my short lived MLG career (haha), I played with a number of different friend groups. Playing with friends is always fun for a laugh but it doesn’t fulfill the competitive itch. Solo queue in competitive is a roll of the dice. Not often but sometimes you get a team with people who want to work together. Most of the time is like quick play with everyone just doing there own thing.

So now I’m looking at building a team. Its a weird feeling for me. I’ve never been a competitive person but something about Overwatch is bring out the competitive Crispy.