Army Lists

During ADR Season 2, Sloan and Sturgis were my favored pairing. Sloan playing into most Hordes lists using the big guns to go for a quick assassination or take heavies of the board. Sturgis played well into warmachine opponents and making short work of dude spam. Linked is my standard lists for most tournaments during the season

Kara Sloan and Dalin Sturgis 10/17/2015

In ADR Season 3, I started off playing two caster I didn’t much like but I found Haley1 and Caine2 to be a decent pairing. Haley’s version of Ocean’s 13 dropped well into melee eccentric lists. While Caine played more to out scary opponents from giving him any where to go. Below is the 35 point pairing I took to SC ComicCon Mace Qualifier.

Captain Victoria Haley and Captain Allister Caine 04/02/2016

More coming soon…