Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment is different then most FPS games. Unless there is a huge difference is mechanical skill, teamwork and team composition is more important than individual skill. The game also changes drastically based on the mode you play (Quick Play vs Competitive Season) and who queues with you (solo queue vs small group vs full team). These factors can change how you, as a player, can play to be successful.

During Season 1, I played mostly Lucio or Zenyatta in 4 or 5 person queue. I ended the season floating around mid 40s. Now in Season 2, I’m playing Reinhardt and Zarya in a 6 sixth stack. I’m sitting around 2000 so far. Each season I’ve occasional played solo, duo, and triple queue.

Solo Queue

When solo queuing it always felt like you are rolling the dice. You could get a handful of people who were willing and able to work together but the next game… not so much. My experience was mechanical skill became very important and team strategy less so since most games were a disorganized mess of twelve players flailing at each other. Matchmaking when solo queue will try to put with other players solo queuing but you could teamed up with a five stack or anything inbetween.

I can suggest playing solo queue if you have the personal skill and time to play the odds.

Personally my mechanical skill (aim, reaction, and in game awareness) is pretty low. I’m working on it and getting better… slowly.

Six Stack

Queuing as a full six is a ton of fun but is also one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever done. When queuing this way strategy and teamwork is king. You and your five friends could jump in to competitive randomly, thinking playing together would be fun. Then an organized sixth stack become your opponents. The have practiced comps, good communication, and teamwork. They wipe the floor with you. No contest. This is where Overwatch’s team-based shooter really shows off the team-based aspects.

If you queue as a sixth stack, I suggest doing it with people you can practice with on a regular basis. The team takes the time to form strategies, comps, and synergies. Figure out what works for your team and what doesn’t.

This is where I am right now. My team plays together twice a week and we have our roles and basic comps figured out. We are trying to get our strategies panned out and get every member’s game knowledge up to par.

Duo Queue to Five Stack

Solo queue focuses on mechanical skill and six stack focuses on teamwork; everything in between is a gradate of the two. Assuming you can’t communicate with the other people on your team. In a duo and triple queue more mechanical skill is needed than teamwork. As most likely both sides are not working together as a single unit. Four and five stacks rely on teamwork more than skill. You have enough people that teamwork and flexible can make up for any “dead weight.”

From personally experience triple queue is the sweet spot. You have enough people to cover the any roles that are needed and to use teamwork effectively. Also the match making isn’t going to pair you up with full groups, so if one or two people are running off trying to “carry” you can still win the game.

Communication and Flexibility

No matter which way you decide to play a competitive season and climb that ladder. Remember to try and communication with your teammates and be willing to be flexible. Change to a hero to fill a role that needs to be filled. Be willing to change roles if the team asks. If someone asks to play a hero you’ve locked in, be willing to switch with them.

No matter how mechanically good you are at the game. You will do better if you talk to your team and work together.