Crispy’s Custom Active Duty Roster – Fall 2016

With the release of Privateer Press’ third installment of Warmachine and Hordes, I find myself disappointed with the reset of the Active Duty Roster. I was looking forward to playing the last four casters in Cygnar: Siege, Haley2, Stryker3, and Darius. One warcaster I love, one I hate, and two I’ve never before played.

My solution? Play them anyway as my own custom roster. This won’t help me during an ADR tournament although hopefully I’ll get some practice and “git gud” with them. Or, hopefully, not lose all my games.

Let us review the 2016 Fall Roster.

Captain E. Dominic Darius: I have no experience playing with or against Darius. He looks like a lot fun. Hopefully with the mark III rule set he’ll be a strong pick.

Lord General Coleman Stryker: I’ve been on the receiving end of Stryker3 a few times. As a melee focused caster he doesn’t win points with my ranged preference but Stryker2 started to grow on me. Maybe Stryker3 will too.

Major Victoria Haley: I’ve never got the hang of Haley2. Before her mark II feat nerf, I hated playing with her. I just wasn’t a fun game. She is my least liked caster in all of Cygnar. I hope her and I find some common ground.

Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane: Siege is my rock. A badass rocket launcher wielding rock. I’ve had some of my best games with him. He is the caster I have the most table time. I’m look forward to playing him again.

During this season, I will also be playing Major Beth Maddox in the Journeyman League and Captain Allison Jakes when she is released at GenCon 2016.

I’m much more excited to play this line-up as opposed to the standard ADR this season. Wish me luck.