This may be the last year for ScotaFest and what a way to go out. ScotaFest is always the highlight of the local meta each year. This year was the biggest turn out ever with 34 players. The format was interesting too. An escalating list starting at 20 points first round and increasing ever round until 50 points. Last round you add a second list; 10 points of any faction with caster.

I went for Stryker2 for my main caster. I figured if I needed to I could suicide run to kill their caster or just take out as many heavy hitter as possible. Nemo3 as my second caster for electric nonsense on the last round.

Round 1
– Ol’Rowdy
– Sentinel
Black 13th
Storm Lances (min)
Stormblade Captain
Round 2 add
Storm Lances (upgrade to max)
Journeyman Warcaster
Round 3 add
Aiyana & Holt
Stormblades Infantry
– Storm Gunner
Round 4 add
– Stormblade Officer
– Storm Gunner
– Storm Gunner
Stormblade Captain
Round 5 add
– Dynamo
Stormsmith Stormcaller x3

Quick and dirty battle reports after break…

Round 1 vs Stephen’s Khador on Recon
Butcher3, War Dog, Ruin, Great Bears, Winter Guard Infantry (min) plus UA, Kovnik Joe

Stephen rolls over most of forces. I lucky get Stryker2 to Butcher through a forest. I do 18 damage on my turn and kill him on feat attack.

Quick note: During my feat, I counted my overload strength in the damage. Which I shouldn’t have. So I’m not sure what I would have needed to kill Butcher on feat turn. Sorry, Stephen.

Round 2 vs Jason’s Khador on Destruction

Sorcha2, Beast09, war dog, full winterguard package, widowmakers, Saxon Orrik

I was able to jam winterguard with arcane shielded Storm Lances. Kept Beast disrupted the whole game. Sorcha goes for kill on Stryker and fails. Stryker blows himself up on overload with 18 damage to himself!

Round 3 vs Matt’s Cryx on Close Quarters

Skarre1, Kraken, Skarlock Thrall, two max units of Bane Knights, BLT, scrap thralls

Banes eat through all most of my infantry and I wasn’t able to kill BTL. Lances clear one unit of Banes and Stryker Overloads to kill the Kraken. Then Sac Strike kills Stryker.

Round 4 vs Chris’s Cryx on Incursion

Denny3, Deathripper, Leviathan, max Bane Thrall plus UA, Bile Thralls max, Warwitch Siren, Cephalyx Overlords, BLT, Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Sacrifice all Stormblades to kill all Biles. Denny hides from Stryker. Losing hard on attrition. When Denny pokes her head out Stryker Overloads and cuts the witch down!

Round 5 vs Phil’s Convergence on Outflank

Father Lucant, Inverter, Transfinite Emergence Projector, Enigma Foundry x2, Steelsoul Protector, Clockwork Angels, Reciprocators(max) x2, Obstructors(max) x2, Denny1, Ripjaw, Satyxis Raiders plus UA

Phil steel wall pushed hard. Nemo tries to pop Denny but falls short. Stryker pops himself with Overload again. Scare the Father to death! Can’t catch Denny before time runs out.