Active Duty Roster Season two is at an end and my opinions on its line up are all but completed.

Lieutenant Allister Caine aka Caine1

Both Caine’s incarnations have been my least favorite casters since I started playing Cygnar. I think it has a lot to do with them always being knocked over and the oh-so-might defense meaning absolutely nothing. When Caine hit ADR I avoided him like the plague but when the local Journeymen League started I decided I’d give him a chance for the league. The league first few weeks were painful but once the 35 point games started I found Caine’s stride.

Caine1 is a support caster and plays that role well with most of Cygnar’s high defense ranged models like the Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers. He himself can eliminate most individual targets that get into his range. His high speed and teleport allows him to get into and out of trouble quickly. Although the high defense is nice it can’t be relied upon to save him. If he is unfortunate enough to be knocked down, by the many ways that is possible, he dies.

I found I started to begrudgingly like Caine. He more than once let me look at the board differently then I would with other casters. Everything became attack vectors and hiding spots. A complex game of cat and mouse where Caine was both.

Although I probably won’t be playing him for a while, I will be dusting him off again. I’m cautiously looking forward to his epic version next season.

Commander Dalin Sturgis

The infamous Sturgis is interesting addition to the Cygnar warcaster lineup. He moves like Caine. He supports like Stryker1 and fights like Stryker2. But even with the similarities, he brings a set of unique abilities to Cygnar.

The dream with Sturgis is to camp focus, feat drag a low defense model into charge range, charge and flash into melee with a caster, and take twelve to fourteen attacks in the new corpse of the opponents caster. I’ve pulled this off once and the non linear threat is impressive.

Aside from the dream Sturgis is a lead from the front caster. Enough of a melee threat to get work done. Using his defensive abilities and teleport from getting squished too easily. A mixer of covering fire and his feat makes quick work of infantry and solos. He doesn’t want to spend too many resources on his army so self sufficient units are a must for list building.

I enjoyed playing Sturgis so much I might replace him for my Styker2 tournament list. He is something different in Cygnar but not too far off to need anything to be good.

General Adept Nemo aka Nemo2

Nemo went through a midlife crisis where he thought jacks were cooler than lightning and became Nemo2. His mid life crisis passed and he regained his senses to become Nemo3. Although is the younger female assistant a sign of its continuation? As with most men that point in their life, he got some new clothes, meet a few juiced up buddies, and became obsession with fast machines.

I was first introduced to Nemo2 by Dennis and Mike from Rage Quit Radio and their speed machine list for the old man. Nemo2 and six Minutemen, the Son’s of Liberty. It’s a fun list. Super quick and perfect for Nemo2 feat and spell list. When I started playing him in standard formats I began with that list as my base. I quickly found I needed more.

Nemo2 is a jack caster. Most of his spell are for his warjacks. Polarity Shield is great for protecting a screening unit. Force Field is awesome against those knockdown casters and lucky deviations. Physically Nemo is still squishy and slow. The addition of Power Attack means he can attack a little better than before and it is his best option for attack.

The most notable ability is Elite Cabre [Stormsmith Stormcallers]. That ability made sure every list I made had three Stormcallers in it. Pow 12 skill checks were hilarious for scalping out solos and clearing up jamming units.

Nemo was my warmachine drop for most pairings. My lists were usually jack heavy with three heavies or Stormwall and a heavy plus some gun mages, stormblades or stormguard, and stormcallers. Add in some support for flavor: squire, junior.

In the end, I found Nemo2 fun but too focused to be a caster I’d use a lot.

Captain Kara Sloan

Sloan has been by far my favorite caster in the game. Even before she hit ADR I would find any reason to play her. Her play style coincides with mine so well. Sloan is single target death and the target is most likely your caster.

Now she isn’t prefect. She is commonly thought of as a mid to low tier caster. I might disagree with her given ranking but I do understand she has a few glaring weakness. First and foremost she is awful is melee. She should never be there, she has a sword but if she is using it something has gone horrible wrong. Sloan is also not great at support. Having the spell Dead Eye does make a good choice to support ranged units but with low armor and average focus, she is usually using that focus herself.

My Sloan list plays to her exceptional range. Either going for the early assassination or crippling heavy targets before they can reach my mostly ranged army. Sloan runs two defenders to make good use of her feat turn and play melee body guards to boot. Blazers, Gun mages, and Rangers. Taryn and Reinholdt are Sloan’s besties giving an extra shot and line of sight as needed. With ADR magic I was able to switch in and out Hunters, more guns, and random support which made the list able to handle lots of match ups. I built it to take on horde match and surprisingly I’ve given good games against Calandra, Doomy, Bradigus, and Thagrosh with a mix of luck and practice.

With season two over, I’ll be putting Sloan to the side lines but she is still one of my favorite casters.

Honorable Mention

Major Prime Victoria Haley aka Haley3 aka Time Lady

Unfortunately I didn’t get much time to play Haley and her temporal selves. I will say the primary gimmick of this caster isn’t my favorite. Bring out future and past requires losing the initiative first round and against a fast opponent that could really hurt. I need more time with her before I make a call on if I enjoy playing her so, for now, they are nice looking models.

Next season look like it is going to be interesting with Stryker2, Caine2, Nemo3, and Haley1.