Battle Report – Last Minute Carolina Invitational Qualifier (Round 2)

This past weekend I headed up to Cornelius, NC to play in an invitational qualifier at Parker Banner Kent & Wayne – Comics & Games. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to fill the qualifier but the local guys were nice enough to play a couple tournament style games. No fussy pictures this time. I was playing my Sloan and Sturgis ADR pairing.

vs. Brian’s Khador

Brian was playing Butcher2’s Mad Dogs and a variant of Sorscha1’s Ocean Eleven. Neither of the lists I brought would have too much trouble clearing doom reavers but I’m not sure Sturgis would be a good drop into Sorscha. I picked Sloan and Brian picks Sorscha. I swap Pendrake, Long Gunners, and a Hunter for Blazers, Jr, and Rangers. I win the roll and choose to go first.


The scenario was destruction. The board was covered in a lot of small hills. One forest on my side of the board on the left hand side and one forest on Brian’s side of the board on my right hand side.

Brian pre-deploys conquest center. I deploy Taryn, Sloan, Reinholdt, and two defender across from conquest behind a hill. Blazers and Jr on my left behind forest. Gunmage to my right. Brian deploys a group of merc solos (Harlan, Dougal, Gorman, Midwinter, Aiyana and Holt) and the Widowmaker Marksmen across from the Blazers. The Nyss deploy across from gun mages behind a forest. Sorscha stands next to Conquest. Mechanics behind. My rangers and Eiryss start in the forest in front of the blazers. Hunter in front of Gun mages. Brian’s Kell and widowmakers deploy in front of gun mages. Brian’s Eiryss deploys mostly center.

Round 1

I ran my forces forward. Gun mages run forward. The hunter takes a pot-shot at conquest; barely scratches it. Rangers stay in the forest and Blazers run to board center. Eiryss runs to left side hill. Sloan moves to center hill. Jr puts Arcane Shield on blazers.

Brian moves marksmen onto the hill within 5″ on Eiryss and misses the shot. Dougal mini feats. Harlan moves and shoots at Blazers. Killings one and misses next. Aiyana tries to kiss blazers; misses. Holt shoots at blazers injures it (thanks arcane shield) and misses next shot. Gorman advances and clouds on Aiyana and Holt. Widowmakers advance to edge of forest and kill a gun mage. Nyss advance in forest. Sorsha moves behind conquest, cast Boundless Charge, and wind rushes to the forest behind Nyss. Conquest charges my left side defender the charge is short. Mechanic run into Conquest.

Round 2

I waffle for a little while here. I have a very, very small change that I could see Sorsha and get enough shots in range to kill her but I’m really unsure if its worth the chance. So I start my turn with no real plan and allocate one focus to each defender. Eiryss aims and kills the marksmen. Then rangers advance and kill Dougal and trigger Holt’s quick draw. Blazers try and electro leap into Aiyana and Holt but miss every shot. At this point, I’m unsure of my next move. Hunter takes a shot into Conquest. Reinholdt reloads Sloan. Sloan moves forward on the hill and puts two shots into Conquest and Dead Eye on gun mages. Leaving her on a hill with no focus. Both Defender put boosted shots into Conquest, leaving him with a little less than half his boxes. Gun mages kill three of four widowmakers and they failed command check. Jr swaps Arcane Shield to Sloan. I ended my turn with Sloan on a hill with no LoS blocking.

Brian allocates three focus to conquest. Last widowmaker run to his deployment zone and Kell move make room for Sorsha. Reinholdt, that little traitor, reloads Sorsha. She walks forward and wind rushes up the board. She feat on everything dear to me. Shoots Sloan twice, one with boosted damage, putting about six damage on Sloan. The mechanic each roll repair and all four pass. They heal for 18 points on conquest. Conquest moves forward and fires the big gun. leaving Sloan at one box. The nipple gun finishes her off.

Khador victory!

I’m a little embarrassed to say I forgot the single most important thing to remember when fighting Sorsha1: block line of sight. If I had remembered and just had popped feat to kill conquest and used the blazers as LoS blockers. We might have gone on to a third round. Brian did a great job capitalizing on my mistake and hiding Sorsha from Sloan scary rifle.