Battle Report – Last Minute Carolina Invitational Qualifier (Round 1)

This past weekend I headed up to Cornelius, NC to play in an invitational qualifier at Parker Banner Kent & Wayne – Comics & Games. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to fill the qualifier but the local guys were nice enough to play a couple tournament style games. No fussy pictures this time. I was playing my Sloan and Sturgis ADR pairing.

vs. David’s Retribution

Daivd was playing Vyros2 Griffin Spam and Ravyn’s Strike Force. David suggested we just roll randomly for fun and normally I’d be all for that but I do not like my odds if I get Sloan into Ravyn or Sturgis into Vyros. So I decline the fun today and go for the more tactical option: Sturgis. David chooses Ravyn. I win the roll and choose to go second. I swap the defender for a unit of stormblades, a stormblade captain and Rhupert.


The scenario is two fronts. The board has a wall on my side on the left from center. Two small obstructions both middle of the board. One centered and other on my far left side. There is a fancy hill middle of the board my far right side.

I pre-deploy the Stormwall center. David deploys Ravyn center with Banshee and two min units of stormfall archer. One in front of each zone. I deploy Storm nouns on my right hand side. Gun mages on my left. Sturgis, the Black 13th, Lanyssa, and Sylys deploy near stormwall’s left side. David advance deploy. Infiltrators center. Two units of Strike force on my right and one on my left. Mage Hunter Assassin far left.

Round 1

David runs everything forward except the assassin and soulless, which he forgot. Ravyn caster snipe on red unit of strike force and charges the stormwall.

I move the gun mages forward and take snipe shots at the strike force but only kill one. Run the silverline up base to base but can’t engage anything. The rest of the storm nouns fill in behind silverline. Rhupert gives silverline fearless and tough. Stormwall walk forward drops a pod to kill one infiltrator and lays coverfire on both sides of the center obstruction. Black 13th moves in behind gun mages and Lanyssa advances. Sylys advances. Sturgis moves up a little and caster snipe on the stromwall.

Round 2

David’s horde of strike force takes a mix of moves and aims. They shoot dead all the stormblades, stormblade captain, two stormcallers, Lynch, Sylys, and three gun mages.The storm fall archers lite eight of the silverline on fire but miss the rest of the gun mages. Infiltrators run to engage lanyssa, and stormwall. Assassin runs to get into position. Ravyn swaps the snipe from red to blue of strike force in there some where and moves right into the center line of the stormwall. The Banshee advances.

The fire kills six out of the ten silverline. I put two focus on the stormwall and upkeep snipe. Stormwall aims and fires twice into Ravyn. Both shots hit but only 5 damage is dealt. I drop a pod on the other side of the board and put covering fire up again. Last stormsmith triangulates and kills three infiltrators including Eiryss. Lanyssa tries to kill the last infiltrator engaging the stormwall but misses. The four gun mages put shots into assassin and fail to kill. Siliverline charge to engage as many strike force as possible, killing two in process. Black 13th activate. Watts picks his nose as normal. Ryan mage storms the left hand pod. Sturgis moves forward feats and pulls a few models through cover and mage storm. Then teleports in between three strike force and one stormfall archer in the left zone. He is sitting on one focus.

Round 3

David drops snipe, allocates two to the Banshee. Ravyn activates, caste locomotion for two (Banshee moves), feats, and moves a little more to the left side. Banshee moves just barely into reach range of Sturgis. This is when David remember power attacks must be made at the 1/2″ mark and curses himself. He swings on Sturgis dealing a few points. The next few minutes are him trying to hit Def 20 Sturgis with range attacks. He does light him on fire but almost every attack misses including the assassin. He does kill all of his models surrounding Sturgis except the banshee. David kicks himself and switches the clock.

I dropped snipe and keep all my focus. Gun mages activate, thunderbolt banshee back a few inches, and kill the assassin. Black 13th move up. Watts kills a stormfall archer. Ryan shoots Ravyn twice with brutal. Spikes first damage roll and average second damage. Ryan does a magical 8 points total. Sturgis walks up to the banshee, swings with feedback and hits. At this point, I realize Ravyn has two boxes left. I swing my second initial and miss. No flash. Buy two attacks. Feedback hits. Electro leap misses. Buy two attacks. Boost hit with feedback. Ravyn dies to feedback.

Cygnar Victory!

That last round would have gone very differently if the Banshee hadn’t engaged Sturgis.