Disclaimer: This post includes fussy pictures and lots of Warmachine jargon.

I had the pleasure of heading up to Asheville, NC and playing in a Warmachine and Hordes masters style tournament. So I packed up my ADR casters and readied to pit my wits against the competition. My casters for the day were Kara Sloan and Dalin Sturgis.

ROUND 1 – vs. Tom’s Khador

Tom was my first opponent of the evening. His Khador was lead by Kommandant Irusk and Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed. The scenario was close quarters. Tom played Irusk and I played Sturgis. With my ADR, I switched out my silver line and Lanyssa for my storm lances.

Round 1 Bottom 1

First turn was uneventful. Both forces run forward. I cast snipe on the gun mages. Tom put superiority on Beast09 and cast inhospitable ground.  The Widow Makers are able to snipe a single gun mage off the table.

Round 1 Top 2

Turn two, the Stormwall advances with two focus and takes shots at Irusk dealing only four damage. Unfortunately for me Irusk was just barely within an inch of that wall and one shot missed. Stormwall deploys covering fire and pod in front of the black dragons. Black 13th shoots the pod with mage storm to finish the mouse ears of doom. Storm lances charge the Kayazy Assassins. The storm lances can only charge 5.5 inches but still manage to reach and unbelievable destroy 7 assassins. The gun mages shoot three widow makers. Defender shoots Beast09 and puts a dent in him.

Round 1 Bottom 2

Tom retaliates. Irusk feats, cast battle lust on the dragons, and inhospitable ground again. The black dragons mini feat and charge the Stormwall. They are all going to take at least one damage roll. First one makes it through on tough. The next five die on their way. Tom considers and the rest run to block LoS to Irusk. The assassins advance and are able to kill one storm lance. Winter guard rocket and shotgun the gun mages off the table. Beast09 was forgotten in the rush to kill the stormwall and with no focus he just runs across the water to engage.

Round 1 Top 3

Turn three is looking bad. Beast09 at my doorstep. Nothing to handle the winterguard. On top of that, Irusk feat is up. Black 13th are up first. Watts engages, Ryan is engaged, and Lynch aims. Brutal damage from Watts on black dragon. He toughs. Black penny shot from Lynch with enough damage. He toughs. Ryan’s too far for gunfighter and too close to mage storm the rest. Stormwall first hit into black dragon. He toughs. Electro leap kills Watts. Three hits into Beast09 leaves him a couple of boxes. Sturgis charges Beast09 and misses the feedback. Second swing kills. Teleport away. Storm lances position to kill assassins and the tough bastard of a black dragon… no one dies. Defender aims and shoots the Iron Fang Kovnik off the table.

Round 1 Bottom 3

Tom wants the stormwall dead. Casting battle lust and inhospitable ground again. Black Dragons charge the stormwall and nearly kills it. Tom remembers Aiyana then and has her kiss the stormwall. Winterguard move in and finish her off. The assassins mini feat and charge Sturgis but only put four damage on him.

Round 1 Top 4

Turn four starts and I think I have a brilliant plan… which turns out flawed. Ryan moves into melee with the assassins and mage storm to the face. Killing all enemies now that tough is gone. Sturgis takes a point too. Sturgis charges the Black Dragon lines killing three and the underboss. Sturgis feats. And that is where the plan falls apart. I forgot you can’t push across a wall and forgot Sturgis feat doesn’t affect warcasters. So Irusk sits nice and safely behind the wall with rough terrain between him and the storm lances. Realizing my mistake after the fact Sturgis teleports behind the mage storm cloud. Storm lances assault and do nothing important. Stormcaller kills Aiyana.

Round 1 Bottom 4

Tom’s turn to make a mistake. The black dragons kill a storm lance with the help of Holt. Joe give the winterguard boosted attacks and Saxon gives them pathfinder. Group of them advance into range of Sturgis but they are out of command range. A few pot shots at the defender dent it a little more. Irusk moves away from the Storm lances and puts up inhospitable ground once again.

Round 1 Top 5

On turn five, I see a glimmer of hope. If I can just get a few boosted shots into Irusk I might be able to win. Two focus on the Defender. He forfeits his movement and shoots Irusk. Leaving Irusk on just a few boxes. Saxon and a winterguard are blocking the only LoS Sturgis might be able to get. Stormcaller calls on Saxon and fails to kill him. Ryan Mage Storms the face the out of command winterguard. Lynch is forgotten in the rush. Sturgis tries to get a control point by casting lightning storm on the remaining the dragons. Fail to kill anyone. I end my turn with 18 seconds left on my clock.

Round 1 Bottom 5

Tom continues with his plan from last turn. Buffs the winterguard with Saxon and Joe. They advance (a few in engage the defender just in case) and shoots Sturgis off his hill.

Khador wins on assassination!


Round 1 was a long and grueling battle. Both of us made some mistakes that we kicked ourselves for it afterwards but Tom played a great game focusing on my weaknesses. I enjoyed this game to the bitter end.

I feel I forgot a lot of important things like disruption from the stormcallers and Lynch’s True Sight most of the game. If a had remember to use them I might have been able to turn the tide.

Check out round 2 and 3!